DCSA - Lead developer

2021 - Present

DCSA (Digital Container Shipping Association) is a non-profit organization chartered by nine of the world’s largest ocean container carriers to digitize and modernize the container shipping industry. DCSA sets standards for information exchange between participants which manifests as API standards. As Lead developer I am involved in the design and specification of these API standards and developing reference implementations to verify the standards are implementable, complete and interoperable with other standards.

Yolt - Technical product owner

2020 - 2021

At Yolt I work as a technical product owner for the B2B business line YTS (Yolt Technology Services). Responsible for client onboarding, developer experience, regulatory based onboarding and verification checks as well as for a dedicated team implementing new business propositions and delivering them in an MVP fashion. Within my role as technical product owner I align with stakeholders gathering the requirements and together with the teams create the initial designs and architecture. I am responsible for maintaining both the long term roadmap and vision for the team and products as well as making sure priorities are set for the backlog of work items for the teams to work on. Supporting the security team, together we make sure our products are secure, performing threat modeling exercises and supporting penetration tests. Together with the executive team and the sales representatives we come up with new propositions to test out in the market.

Rubix - API Management competence lead

2011 - 2020

At Rubix I held the position of API Management competence lead which is one of the working groups within Rubix. In this role I am responsible for supporting sales, delivery, recruitment, knowledge development and coaching of employees in the field of API Management. To keep alignment with other competences and sales and delivery I am also part of the Sales and Delivery team. All of the above tasks I perform one day a week. Since I have great affinity with the technical aspects of API Management and underlying concepts, I am still active as a consultant for the remaining four days per week. In this role, I am participating in various projects at various customers, the details of some I describe below in noteworthy projects.

Before my position as API Management competence lead, I started the open source competence within Rubix, together with another colleague. Similar to the API Management competence lead role, I was responsible for knowledge management, supporting sales and delivery and recruitment, as well as the set-up of the partnership with Red Hat. The Open source competence grew from two people in 2014 to 15 people in 2018 under my lead. At that point we decided to split the group due to its size and variety of focus areas; API Management being one of them.

I started at Rubix in 2011 as an integration specialist working primarily with the TIBCO product stack. Until 2014 I was active for a multitude of customers and projects after which I made the switch to open source software, primarily using Red Hat technology.


Eneco - Integration specialist

2009 - 2011

Working as an integration specialist for Eneco, I fulfilled multiple roles in various projects. Examples are: developer, designer, architect, BPM specialist and process specialist. Eneco for a long time had two main integration platforms, Microsoft BizTalk and TIBCO BusinessWorks. My development work was on both of these platforms. Eventually I was also involved in the project to rationalize the two platforms towards TIBCO.

Atos Origin - Integration specialist

2008 - 2009

Starting in the Integration Academy of Atos Origin I learned various concepts and techniques in the field of systems integration, like EAI and SOA. Moreover, I received technical training with Microsoft BizTalk and TIBCO. After the 3 months of traineeship I worked on several projects as a BizTalk and TIBCO developer.

Centric - Business analyst fashion


Working as a Jr. Business consultant my job was to assist Sr. Business consultants in defining process optimizations, gather requirements from customers and improve and model existing business processes.